What are Snap Lenses?

Snapchat Lenses, also known as Snap Lenses, are custom interactive filters that are produced by the Snapchat community through a design app called Lens Studio. This is an official app designed to help users design and build augmented reality (AR) Lenses for use with Snapchat.


History of Snap Lenses 

From the time that Lens Studio was released until the beginning of January 2018, there hadn’t been much attention given to the Lens Studio and Snap Lenses. That changed when the reddit community began to see it’s true potential – first by bringing memes to life. Subreddit /r/SnapLenses began to explode in the first week of January 2018, exponentially growing its subscriber count and the number of users submitting their own Snapchat Lenses within the subreddit community. The world of Snapchat filters expanded rapidly, and many users began to understand its potential to go viral-as-f*ck. Some users even contemplated how they could create a Snap Lens community that was exclusive while limiting its access to the mainstream audience.

Two weeks into this madness, we began to envision great promise for the community to create AR Lenses that are funny, interactive and something people would actually use or share. Of course, it’s hard to tell what the future has in store for Snap Lenses. There are potential challenges down the road such as keeping these Lenses free-to-download. For instance, some websites on /r/SnapLenses postulated the idea of selling Lenses as a third-party Lens distributor, a trend we hope not to see for Snap Lenses in the future. Other potential issues include copyright restrictions when creating Lenses of public figures and celebrities, of which many memes are based on and were taken down as quickly as they were put up.


How ViralLenses.com can help!

ViralLenses.com, takes the hassle out of your Snapchat experience by updating you with the absolute freshest, hottest and trending Snapchat Lenses posted by the community. We are constantly on the lookout for them, so you don’t have to. We enjoy what we do, and hope you enjoy the content we put out.


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